London Baaleibatim Inspired by Yeshivas Bein Hazmanim

The Bochurim that came from all over London to Heichal Menachem to learn during their bein hazmanim elevevated the shul’s atmosphere and inspired the local baaleibatim to join in.

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There was a tremendous hatzlacha for yeshivas bein hazmanim in Heichal Menachem Lubavitch shul in Golders Green. Many bochurim from all over London came by to learn there for a morning and evening seder, and inspired the many baaleitbatim who witnessed the earnestness of the Torah learning.

The bochurim who joined were as young as thirteen years old. They came to learn early in the morning for seder with chassidus & nigleh and then returned in the evening for night seder as well. Witnessing the whirlwind of Torah learning inspired many local baalei batim to take some time and join in the learning.

“One local anash told the organisers: these few days of seeing the bochurim learning, literally changed the atmosphere of the shul”

“Theses few days of the bochurim showing up here at all hours and learning, literally changed the whole atmosphere in the shul,” shared one inspired local.

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