London Siyum Features Shluchim Raised in Rambam’s Homeland

Anash and bochurim of Stamford Hill, London gathered on Tuesday for a Siyum Harambam with guest speakers Rabbi Mendel Raskin and Rabbi Hirshel Raskin who were raised in Morocco.

The community of Stamford, London had a special Siyum Harambam on Tuesday with guest speakers who grew up in Morocco, where the Rambam lived for many years. Shluchim Mendel and Hirshel Raskin, who are currently on shlichus in Montreal, shared what it was like to live in the Rambam’s homeland.

There were two events held: one for English speakers, and one for Yiddish speakers. The English event was held at the Lubavitch Shul, and the Yiddish one at Merkaz L’Toras Hachassidus.

Men and bochurim from all backgrounds were invited to the unique evening and many flocked from around to hear the special guest speakers.

At the Lubavitch House event, Dayan Levi Yitzchak Raskin, rov of the community made the Siyum.

Dayan Raskin shared that shortly before Pesach a couple of years ago, he was contacted by some Chasidim in Yerushalayim with a question regarding allowing goyim to put on tefillin at the Kosel if that would encourage other Yidden to do so. Local rabbonim had conflicting opinions about it and decided that he should be approached to decide between the two opinions.

Not looking to enter a controversy abroad, he sought to avoid answering. The next morning, he was preparing a Shiur and learned a Sicha where the Rebbe describes the story of R’ Yehuda Ben Beseira sitting in Bavel and having an impact in distinguishing between a Yid and a goy in Yerushalayim!

This formed part of the basis of the answer. If we value and appreciate what tefillin and Mitzvos in general are, we understand that these are specifically for Yidden and not for others. This is in today’s Rambam about a goy seeking to fulfill mitzvos.

Guest speaker Rabbi Mendel Raskin, shliach in Côte St-Luc, Montreal, then shared about the history of the takana of Rambam, including his involvement as a Shliach in Morocco when the takana was launched in connection with the local celebrations of the Rambam.

Rabbi Mendel Raskin spoke of how by learning Rambam we can help the war effort in Eretz Yisroel. Limud and Siyum Harambam is shleimus hatorah and shleimus ha’am (for all yidden) and this supports shleimus haaretz. In fact, historically, the Rebbe linked the Siyum Harambam in Mitzrayim to the strength of Eretz Yisroel.

Rabbi Meir Plotkin from Montreal shared stories of the Rebbe from the early years in 770.


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