London Dayan Delivers Visual Shiur on Rebbe Rashab’s Mikvah

Kollel Anash of Crown Heights recently hosted a shiur by Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Raskin of London, England on the unique halachos of the Rebbe Rashab’s mikvah, as recorded by him on a personal visitor’s card.

Recently Kollel Anash of Crown Heights had the honor of hosting a shiur by Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Raskin of London, England on the halachos associated with Mikvaos. Rabbi Raskin serves as Rov and Dayan of Lubavitch in London. He is also the author of many halachic works.

The shiur focused on chiddushim of the Rebbe Rashab on the halachos of Mikvaos. These unique Torah thoughts were written by the Rebbe Rashab on his personal visitor’s card, which had his name and address on it. Rabbi Raskin explained these chiddushim with great clarity and visualized its sources via a PowerPoint presentation.

This year, the Kollel introduced a special six-month track for learning Hilchos Mikvaos. The track is being guided by Rabbi Yirmiya Katz, author of the famous seforim Mikvah Mayim. Shiurim are also being given by the renowned mikvah expert R’ Elozor Raichik and Rabbi Berel Levin, author of Tikkunei Mikvaos.

For the past twelve years, Kollel Anash has been dedicated to assisting young married men master the laws of Taharas Hamishpachah and Shabbos. The halachos are studied in-depth; from the sources in Gemara and Rishonim all the way down to halacha lemaaseh. The Kollel has also recently added a unique three-year track for studying the halachos of Choshen Mishpat.

Kollel Anash is located at Congregation Anash 770 Montgomery Street and is under the leadership of Rabbi Michoel Lerner. The Kollel was founded and is sponsored by Rabbi Dovid Fischer, Rov of Congregation Anash.

Watch Rabbi Raskin’s shiur here:

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Powerpoint presentation:

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