L’man Achai Campers Enjoy Non-Stop Adventure In Weeks 4-5

Watch: Camp L’man Achai released a video of their fourth and fifth week at camp, capturing the still inexhaustible camp energy, trips, activities, and never-ending adventures in the great outdoors.

What a week it has been at Camp L’man Achai! The teen division went on an action-packed three-day trip.

The group of 40 teens enjoyed exciting bowling, meaningful camping and BBQ’s, thrilling amusement parks, beautiful hikes, and a top-tier rope course. They were generously hosted by Rabbi Menachem Andruiser at Chabad of Vermont.

The younger division had an exhilarating time at the trampoline park. The next day back at camp each bunk prepared a booth for the all-camp carnival. In honor of the week’s theme of Shavous, the campers were surprised with a late-night ice cream party.

The next day Color War started, where the campers all learned about the team themes of Ahavas Hashem and Ahavas Yisroel. The campers got to participate in unique relay races, team cheering, skits and so much more! Each team learned and presented their theme song and team play. Ahavas Hashem performed the story of Chanukah in a modern way. While team Ahavas Yisroel presented a play about having Misiros Nefesh for a fellow Jew. The plays were performed by campers and staff and were meaningful and super exciting for everyone.

During Color war camp was honored with a visit by Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, director of Ckids International as well as representatives of the Foundation for Jewish camp. They toured campgrounds, watched camp present the color-war theme songs and plays and got a chance to see and hear the amazing things happening at camp. They also spoke to campers and staff and heard firsthand the transformational experience a summer at Camp L’man Achai.

With one week left to camp the campers and staff are geared up for an amazing last week of camp.


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