Lmaan Achai Shares Jewish Pride at Niagra Falls

Lmaan Achai Teen Division took its campers on an epic three-day trip to Buffalo. The campers had unique and memorable experiences at Niagra Falls and several opportunities to display their Jewish pride.

Lmaan Achai Teen Division took their campers on a grand three-day trip recently to Buffalo, NY. Along the way, the camp arranged several meaningful and exciting experiences for the campers to enjoy.

First, the campers took a 3-mile hike at Watkins Glen State Park to see the park’s 13 waterfalls. Along the way the campers, shared their Jewish pride with others by putting on tefillin with any Jewish hikers they met. By the end of the hike, the boys had put on tefillin with ten people they met along the way. Seeing the boys share their Jewish pride through putting on tefillin with others was especially meaningful as most of the campers don’t come from religious homes.

Following their hike, the campers continued their trip by visiting the Niagra Falls Science Museum, jet boating on Goat Island, and a visit to Cave of the Winds, where you can walk down to the bottom of Niagra Falls. The last day of the camp’s grand trip was to go rock climbing, racing on the race track, and paintball shooting.

After the trip was over, the counselors asked the campers to share their favorite parts of the trip. One camper shared that his favorite part was putting on tefillin with a Jew for the first time on their hike the first day. Other campers shared they loved the power and speed of the jet boating. For some, the most memorable part of their trip was at the Cave of the Winds where you could feel the immense power of the Niagra falls, which gave them an appreciation for the power of Hashem.

The trip, while certainly fun, is sure to be one that the campers will remember fondly forever full of Jewish pride, comradery, and awe-inspiring sights.

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