Live: Yud Daled Kislev Farbrengen

Join Live at 8:30 PM ET: A farbrengen marking the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s wedding anniversary will be broadcast live from the Ohel, with Rabbis Nosson Gurary, Sholom Duchman, and Shneur Oirechman.

A Farbrengen will be broadcast LIVE from near the Ohel so that chassidim from around the world can join in celebration of the joyous day of Yud Daled Kislev, 92 year from the wedding of the Rebbe and Rebbetzin.

The Farbrengen, which will begin at 8:30 PM, will be addressed by Rabbis Nosson GurarySholom Duchman, and Shneur Oirechman.

The Farbrengen will be streaming live on and

On Yud Daled Kislev 5739 (1978), the 50th anniversary the Rebbe started the Farbrengen by saying that it is the custom in this and other countries that: אז ווען ס׳קומט דער יום החתונה… קלייבן זיך צוזאמען בני המשפחה און ידידים ואוהבים וכו׳, און מ׳איז משמח און מעודד איש את רעהו ואשה את רעותה וכו׳. In the day of an anniversary, family and friends gather to celebrate and rejoice together…This Farbrengen is a great opportunity for every family to join with chassidim from around the world in celebrating this special day.

For a plethora of resources related to Yud Daled Kislev including articlesvideossichosideas to celebrate Yud Daled Kislev and much more to help every family celebrate Yud Daled Kislev, visit

The Farbrengen is arranged by Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus and will be broadcast live here on Click here for a full schedule of the event. To participate in this and future events visit:

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