Live: Worldwide Kolelim to Host Global Kinus Torah

Join Live on Thursday at 1:00 PM: Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad and Kollel Dach will be presenting a Kinus Torah, 24 Nissan, addressed by Kollel members Rabbi Berel Polityko, on the topic Hafrashas Challah, and Rabbi Eli Rubin on Hofachas Yam l’Yabasha in Haskala and Avodas HaTefillah. 

In accordance with the Rebbe’s wishes, Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad and Kollel Dach will be presenting a Kinus Torah, Thursday 24 Nissan, addressed by Kollel members Rabbi Berel Polityko and Rabbi Eli Leib Rubin.

Topic: Hilchos Hafrashas Challah at 1:00pm 

Rabbi Berel Polityko, Chaver Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad.

Topic: Hofachas Yam l’Yabasha in Haskala and Avodas HaTefillah at 1:30pm 

Rabbi Eli Leib Rubin, Chaver Kollel L’lomdei Dach

Thursday, 24 Nissan, 1:00 PM EST. The event will stream live on, for the benefit of Chassidim around the world.


Meeting ID: 882 8750 6262
Passcode: 770

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You can see a preview of a week in the Kollel here:

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