Live: Worldwide Kolelim to Host Global Kinus Torah

Join Live on Sunday at 1:30 PM: Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad and Kollel Dach will be presenting a Kinus Torah, addressed by Kollel members Rabbi Dovie Kivman, on tevila for a “pumpkin mug,” and Rabbi Yaakov Shallman and Rabbi Shneur Zalman Lipskier on Daas. 

As per the הוראה of the Rebbe, Bezras Hashem there will be a joint kinnus Torah on Sunday from 1:30-2:30 pm EST, between Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad and Kollel L’lomdei Dach.

Does a pumpkin mug need tevila?
Rabbi Dovie Kivman
Chaver Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad

Some thoughts on Daas
Rabbi Yaakov Shallman
Rabbi Shneur Zalman Lipskier
Chaver Kollel L’lomdei Dach

The event will stream live on, for the benefit of Chassidim around the world.

Click here to join.

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