Live: Women’s Event Addresses Dangers of Social Media

Join Live at 8:00 PM ET: Mothers are invited to an event addressing the dangers of social media for our children with psychologist Rabbi Dr. Yosef Shagalow and Simi Polonsky-Hoffman.

MUST is pleased to invite the mothers in our community to an empowering event on Monday, December 27, 23 Teves at 8:00 pm at the JCM. 

Over 75 classes have joined MUST pacts this year and are uniting together to stall personal ownership of devices. Heeding the request from so many parents to continue inspiring them to stay strong, we have invited an impressive lineup of presenters. 

Rabbi Dr. Yosef Shagalow, a clinical psychologist who has been supporting families and schools dealing with mental health crises with extensive experience in phone addiction, will convey “What Our Kids Wished We Knew.” 

Mrs. Simi Polonsky-Hoffman, co-founder of the Frock NYC, who has recently reduced her social media presence significantly will candidly speak about her struggle with social media.

We are also featuring Tech Talks, a panel of local women sharing their families’ struggles with technology use and practical solutions.

We’ve got a problem on our hands and we know we can solve it together. Come join us as we strengthen ourselves, our families and our community!


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