Live: Women’s Crossfire Q&A on Moshiach

Join Live at 9:00 pm: Women and girls are invited to a “Crossfire Conference” where Mrs. Sara Tova Best, Mrs. Avigail Halevy and Mrs. Ani Lipitz will field questions on the topic of Moshiach.

Tonight! All Jewish women and girls are invited to a Women’s “Crossfire Conference” on Moshiach.

A panel including Mrs. Sara Tova Best, Mrs. Avigail Halevy and Mrs. Ani Lipitz will field questions unique to our status as the seventh generation, occupied with the final shlichus of welcoming Moshiach.

The MC of the evening will be Mrs. Yona Rivka Kimelman of Chicago and Mrs. Rivky Katz (LA) will share some words of chizzuk during these chaotic times.

“This is the first official Women’s Moshiach Conference and hopefully the last in golus and first of Geulah! We are very excited to bring to you some of the greatest ‘Geulah minded’ women thinkers in Lubavitch”, says organizer Mrs. Lyat Ronen.

Sponsored by Neshei U’bnos Yisroel and ”ALL IN!”

Please join TONIGHT!


FIRST ALL IN! Women’s Moshiach Conference

Monday night /Ches Elul 9pm EST

MC: Mrs. Yona Rivka Kimelman

Words of Chizzuk: Mrs. Rivky Katz

Mrs. Sara Tova Best
Mrs. Avigayil Halevy
Mrs. Ani Lipitz

Click here to join on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 911 776 2347
Passcode: 996044

Or join via YouTube:

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