Sale on Moshiach Curriculum Ends Tonight

Tut Altz’s Curriculum that aims to bring the message of living Geulah to life with Sichos, stories, and lessons is on sale until tonight. This curriculum is highly acclaimed by teachers who have used it across the country.

It’s the final hours of the Live with Geulah Now! curriculum discount and teachers are encouraging teachers to take advantage of this golden opportunity. The impact this unique curriculum has had on their students is clearly visible to educators and is well worth the investment. “This program gave the kids the ability to look forward to Moshiach in a new light,” shares Rabbi Shmuly Litvin of Louisville Jewish Day School. “More than just saying ‘we want Moshiach’, they understand more about what they are waiting for and how they can make it happen.”

Equip your students with a clear understanding of their role in bringing Moshiach, and specifically, the Rebbe’s directive to live Moshiach, through stories, sichah excerpts, games, and fun, all laid out for you in the Tut Altz Kids curriculum—Live with Geulah Now! Created by a team of experienced and dedicated mechanchim, Live with Geulah Now! fuses toichen with modern design for a robust curriculum geared for Grades 3-7. “It’s absolutely necessary to teach these important sichos and maamarim to our students,” says Rabbi Mendy Korf, 4th grade Rebbi at Cheder Chabad, Toronto. “And the best way to do this is with the Tut Altz curriculum.”

Teacher support is an essential component of Tut Altz Kids and teacher trainings are provided monthly to give educators a clear understanding of the material and walk them through the lessons. A teacher’s guide is available as well, and, as an interactive and engaging review for students, monthly Hakhel gatherings are produced and made easily accessible for teachers to present in their classrooms at their convenience.

If your school hasn’t signed up yet for the Live with Geulah Now! curriculum, sign up today! The 15% discount for new members ends tonight. While all the individual downloadable lessons are available for free online, access to the teacher’s guide, teacher trainings, and all supplemental fun sheets and games are only available with a Tut Altz membership. Visit to see the complete membership package and to register. Use promo code EARLY for 15% off.

*Promo code is valid until November 7th-13 Cheshvan.

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