Live: Why We Do What We Do

Join Live at 8:00 PM: A three-part panel will explore the mitzvos unique to women with Mrs. Esther Sternberg, Mrs. Henya Laine and Mrs. Shifra Sharfstein.

A three-part panel on Monday night will explore the mitzvos unique to women, hosted by Junior N’Shei and open to women of Crown Heights, and around the world.

How often do you find yourself going about your daily, weekly and even monthly routine on “auto pilot” mode?

From the nightly supper prep to lighting Shabbos candles each week, meaningful moments can turn into mindless activities that become part of the humdrum of life.

Let’s take a moment to stop to think about why we do what we do!

Join us from the comfort of your home, today, to learn about the meaning behind the three special Mitzvos of women! Hear from knowledgeable and inspirational women.

Panelist will be
Mrs. Esther Sternberg on the mitzvah of Neshek
Mrs. Henya Laine on the mitzvah of Challa
Mrs. Shifra Sharfstein on the mitzvah of Mikvah

Click here to join the panel via Zoom.

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