LIVE: Why Jewish Married Women Cover Their Hair

Live Now: Mrs. Rivkah Slonim and Mrs. Lori Palatnik speak about the importance of kisui harosh at a Zoom event geared for women who do not yet keep this mitzvah.

An annual event, titled CoverGirl 2021, will inspire Jewish married women who do not yet cover their hair about the importance of this mitzvah. The event will be addressed by world renowned authors and lecturers Mrs. Rivkah Slonim and Mrs. Lori Palatnik, and hosted by Mrs. Rivkie Schochet of Toronto.

Mrs. Rivkah Slonim is the shlucha at Binghamton University and a noted author and lecturer, and Mrs. Lori Palatnik, the Founding Director of Momentum (formerly JWRP). Lori is a world-renowned Jewish educator, speaker, writer, and media personality and in 2014, she was named one of the ten “Women to Watch” by Jewish Women International in recognition of her contribution to Jewish women throughout the world.

Women will enjoy an evening of education and inspiration, finding out the real story of why their married Jewish sisters cover their hair – and promoting mutual respect, unity and understanding amongst Jewish women at the same time.

“This is our 16th annual event and our second year on Zoom,” said Mrs. Schochet. “We hope to inspire Jewish married women about the mitzvah of covering our hair. We have fantastic speakers and look forward to the event being a kiddush Hashem.”

Join the event on Zoom here.
Meeting ID: 868 0940 8750
Passcode: 123456

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