Live: Tzivos Hashem Gimmel Tammuz Rally

Live Sunday at 11:00 AM ET: A grand children’s rally will be held marking the Rebbe’s yom hilula as well as the 40th Siyum Harambam, with the theme of ‘Connecting through Rambam’, broadcast live from 770, the Ohel and the Rambam’s kever.

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A grand children’s rally will be held on Sunday, Gimmel Tammuz, marking the Rebbe‘s yom hilula as well as the 40th Siyum Harambam, with the theme of ‘Connecting through Rambam’.

With the Siyum Harambam coinciding with Gimmel Tammuz this year, the rally is a double opportunity to encourage the children to connect themselves to the Rebbe, especially by fulfilling the Rebbe’s takana of learning Sefer Hamitzvos.

“The goal of the rally is that each chayol should feel that the Rebbe is his or her Rebbe today,” Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum told “They should want to connect to the Rebbe by making a hachlata to learn the daily shiur of Sefer Hamitzvos.”

Rabbi Weinbaum notes that the first Siyum Harambam took place on Yud Alef Nissan, and the 40th one is taking place on Gimmel Tammuz.

“It is also interesting to note that the English date of the Siyum is 6/13,” he said.

The rally will feature a number of unique programs, including a live broadcast from 770, a child reading a pan at the Rebbe’s Ohel, a Siyum Harambam at the Rambam’s kever in Teveria, Eretz Yisroel, and much more.

The main focus of the rally will be to highlight the thousands of children who completed mission in learning Sefer Hamitzvos, and the announcement of special rewards and raffles for the upcoming study cycle.

The rally is in conjunction with Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, Tzivos Hashem HQ, JEM, Connection Point, Chitas for Kids, Living Lessons, and Chabd Schools Worldwide. 

The rally will be broadcast live on on Sunday, Gimmel Tammuz at 11:00 AM ET.

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