Live: Two “Brothers” Farbreng

Join Live at 9:30 PM ET: Manhattan Shliach Rabbi Dov Yonah Korn and his mushpa Joe Teplow will be featured on the popular ‘Two Brothers Farbreng’ program.

Another segment of the popular “Two Brothers Farbreng” series is going live today, and it’s the most unique one yet!

The live program is a supplement to the current segment of Tut Altz (no. 5), entitled Essence: I am, therefore I am free. It will be featuring a shliach and his mushpa farbrenging together about seeing the essence in every Yid.

Rabbi Dov Yonah Korn, a shliach in Manhattan, is very passionate about viewing our generation, especially our youth, as ‘Jews of the Future.’ “Our unique standing in history, on the threshold of Geulah, empowers us to adopt a certain Moshiach mindset, which at its core is a unique view on how we perceive and engage our fellow Jews,” says Korn.

Rabbi Korn, born David Brandon Korn, was raised in Morristown, New Jersey, the only child of secular Jewish parents. The young Korn was all over middle school, he got straight “A’s,” served as class president, and dabbled in professional acting. As an actor, he was D. Brandon Korn. In the early 90s, Rabbi Korn was exposed to Chabad and Chassidus and has never looked back since!

Rabbi Korn and his wife Sara have been Shluchim at Chabad House Bowery since 5759. They have since been empowering young ‘Jews of the Future,’ like Joe, to be leaders of their own to inspire their friends to be passionate ambassadors of Torah, Mitzvos and Moshiach.

Joe Teplow, a mushpa of Rabbi Korn, was born into a modern-orthodox family. He co-founded and serves as a Board Member at, a non-profit platform with the mission of making charity a daily habit for thousands. Joe is also the founder of Rebel, an e-mail technology company focused on making email actionable, now acquired by Salesforce. Joe was named as one of Forbes 2020 30 Under 30.

Join Rabbi Korn and Joe for a dynamic farbrengen, bringing the Moshiach Mindset home. The farbrengen will begin at 9:30 PM ET tonight (Thursday, 23 Adar 1) and can be viewed at

To learn more about the current TutAltz segment: ‘Essence,’ visit:

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