Live: Two Brothers Farbreng About Moshiach

Join Live at 8:00 PM ET: Noted lecturer Rabbi Shais Taub and his brother Rabbi Dovid Taub will lead a farbrengen launching the Tut Altz initiative, which brings Moshiach awareness to the forefront, for Anash worldwide.

Tut Altz by the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 is proud to announce a special event featuring the Taub brothers this Motzei Shabbos.

Tut Altz has launched a 5-month program on how to implement a Moshiach mindset. Through relatable messaging, community events and a thoroughly accessible curriculum, the program entitled: ‘We Don’t Have to Wait’ is transforming the understanding of Moshiach from an eventual era into a relatable everyday mindset.

Rabbi Shais Taub is a noted speaker and author. He directs the Torah website and is a scholar-in-residence at Chabad of the Five Towns.

Rabbi Dovid Taub is the creator of several well-known and beloved Jewish video series, including The Itche Kadoozy Show, Stick Figure Vignettes, Mitzvah Island, Space Rabbi, and Mitzventions.

Hundreds are expected to join via zoom and live stream as Shluchim and Anash throughout the world join together to hear words of inspiration and humor.

On Wednesday night, the “Two Sisters Farbreng” events attracted upward of 1000 participants. Women can watch the replay by clicking here.

The two brothers will also be focusing on segment two of ‘We Don’t Have to Wait,’ entitled ‘New Age: Society is a part of the solution’.

That booklet can be found on

A special video presentation by Tut Altz will be aired during the event. The video will be depicting the message of the current Tut Altz segment, based on the Sichah of Vayeshev 5752 and its relevance to the contemporary chosid.

All participants are encouraged to read “Current & Relevant”, a new release by the Moshiach Office which serves as an introduction booklet to the newest Tut Altz Initiative. This first-ever primer presents the Rebbe’s call to adopt a Moshiach Mindset in clear and compelling language.

Click here to download.

LIVE: Motzei Shabbos 8:00 PM ET

The farbrengen, “Two Brothers Farbreng,” will be aired live on

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