Live: Transcending the Hardships of Galus

Live Shiur for Women at 8:30 PM: Kalla teacher Mrs. Sara Morozow will lead an online farbrengen focused on the newest segment of the Tut Altz campaign entitled “Transcend.”

Mrs. Sara Morozow is a famed Kallah Teacher and Mashpia in Crown Heights who has taught and guided thousands of women throughout the world. Wednesday evening, Mrs. Morosow will be giving us insight into the newest segment of the Tut Altz campaign entitled “Transcend.” The segment is closely connected to Yud Shevat and the farbrengen will focus particular attention on preparing for this momentous day.

This shiur and farbrengen isn’t your typical. We will be hearing how transcending the hardships of Galus by adopting a Moshiach mindset is attainable for contemporary Chabad women. With anecdotes and personal stories, Mrs. Morosow will inspire us to live with the ideals that the Rebbe taught exactly 30 years ago.

Don’t miss out!

Today – Wednesday | 25 Teves | December 29 | 8:30 PM ET

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