Live: Thousands of Bochurim Gather for Kinus Hatmimim

Join Live at 9:00 PM: Thousands of bochurim from Yeshivos all around the world will gather Motzei Shabbos Yud Shevat for the annual Kinus Hatmimim. This year’s event will feature a four-part film series exploring the Rebbe’s calling to bochurim.

Every year, Bochurim and Hanhala members alike look forward to the annual Kinus Hatmimim. A special convention for Talmidei Hayeshiva from across North America and the world to recharge and gather inspiration for fulfilling their unique role as Temimim.

Hosted by Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, the Kinus Hatmimim Banquet will be taking place on Motzei Shabbos, Yud Shevat, 9:00PM at Beis Rivkah’s Rosa Hall – Campus Chomesh.

This year’s program will be especially unique, as it will feature a four-part film series exploring the Rebbe’s calling to bochurim produced by filmmaker Shlomo Chaim Rivkin.

A keynote address will be delivered by Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon.

Rabbi Tzvi Altein, director of Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim says: “Our goal is that the event ignites a positive impact on the Bochurim to accelerate their growth throughout the year, and we hope that it brings the Rebbe much satisfaction.”

The event will be accompanied by a milchig Melaveh Malka that will be served.  

The Kinus Hatmimim is made possible by Reb Yoseph Yitzchak Popack in memory of his parents Reb Shmuel Isaac Halevi & Miriam A”H Popack, and by Reb Osher and Rivkah Karnowsky in memory of their son, Hatomim Shmuel A”H.

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