Live: The Rambam’s Laws of Kiddush Hachodesh

As the 3 perokim cycle of Rambam begins the laws of Kidush Hachodesh, Irgun Torah presents a series of classes with Rabbi Yosef Losh, renowned Kiddush Hachodesh teacher, and Dr. Gavriel Drukier.

Irgun Torah presents Kiddush hachodesh lecture series.

STARTING TONIGHT! And thru the week

Join a series of Shiurim on Hilchos Kiddush Hachodesh with world renown, Rabbi Yosef Losh at 9:45 pm in Hebrew at 770
& Dr. Gavriel Drukier, PhD in Astronomy PhD 7:15 pm in Beis Eliezer Yitzchok.

Rabbi Losh in 770 9:50 pm

Topic: Dr. Gavriel Drukier Kiddush Hachodesh
Time: Sep 6, 2020 07:15 PM Eastern Time 
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Meeting ID: 770 770 3636

Come explore the Jewish Calendar & the lunar/solar cycle.

You can view the lecture series live online at The lectures will also be archived for later viewing as well.

Starting tonight, there will be featured a special Guest Speaker. Dr Gavriel Drukier, with a PhD in Astronomy,  a lecturer at Yale university. Will be giving a class on Sod Haibbur and Kiddush Hachodesh from an astronomical & historical perspective. 

This will take place tonight on Sunday September 6, 17 Elul, at 7:15 pm in Beis Eliezer Yitzchok, 394 Kingston, on top of Mikvah Meir. 

Tonight! Rabbi Losh 945 pm HEBREW IN 770.
Also tonight in Hebrew Rabbi Losh will be giving an overview and introduction of  Kiddush Hachodesh IN HEBREW at 9:45 pm in 770.

The rest of the week, will be in ENGLISH in Beis Eliezer Yitzchok (394 Kingston) on top of Mikveh Meir at 8:15 pm. 
This will focus on Intro & overview in English, as well as Perakim 12-17 Monday thru Thursday at 8:15 pm.

You don’t want to miss out! Visual Presentation will occur as well with Rabbi Losh’s famous globe!

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