Live: Shiur on Moshiach and Geulah

Join in for a live Shiur on the study of Geulah and Moshiach with Rabbi Sholom Zirkind.

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The Importance of learning about the geula:

Learning Inyonei Geulah Umoshiach doesn’t only affect Moshiach coming in the future, but also helps the learner “live” with Moshiach in the present. When the intellect is permeated with knowledge of Inyonei Geulah Moshiach, it trickles down to the emotions in the heart, and ultimately to one’s thought speech and action, in a way that they reflect the times of being on the threshold of redemption.

Learning Torah has the power to transform the nature of a person, so that even if a person does not naturally feel like he is in a state of “freedom”, by learning about Inyonei Geulah Umoshiach he actually is elevated to a state of Geulah, where he can feel and live with Moshiach really coming!

(Parshas Balak 5751)

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