Live: Shalom Bayis Shiur for Men

Live tonight at 8:00 PM: The first shiur in a series on shalom bayis for men, given by Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz will take place tonight in Crown Heights and be broadcast live.

Special for Yud Daled Kislev: Shiur for married men, happening tonight at 8:00 at Anshei Moshe 1334 Lincoln Pl.

Following the success of the last ‘Taharas Hamishpcha review’ series, Machon ‘Taharas Habayis’ has been receiving repeated requests for an additional series for men on Sholom Bayis.

Finally, we are excited to announce an upcoming 3-part series promising to enhance and deepen the relationships in our homes with our children, families and spouse.

The series will be given by Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz, a noted magid shiur and director of Machon ‘Taharas Habayis’

The shiurim will take place on three consecutive Thursdays at 8:00 PM In-person: at ‘Anshei Moshe’ – 1334 Lincoln place.

To access the live stream, or to see the recording after the event, click here:

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