Live: Special Pesach Shiur in Memory of R’ Chaim Gurevitch

Tonight at 8 pm: Harav Shlomo Segal will deliver a shiur tonight in the Crown Heights Kolel on halachos pertaining to Shabbos Erev Pesach, in memory of fellow mispalel R’ Chaim Gurevitch who passed away last week.

Crown Heights Rov Rabbi Shlomo Segal will deliver a shiur on the practical Halachos pertaining to Shabbos Erev Pesach.

The shiur will take place tonight, 9 Nissan, 8:00 PM, at Kollel Menachem, 1483 Union Street, and is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Chaim Gurevitch a”h, a longtime mispalel in the Kollel minyan.

The shiur will be broadcast live on

Live: Monday, 9 Nissan, March 22nd at 8:00 PM ET.

Click here to join via Zoom.

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