Live: Reb Yoel’s Yahrzeit Marked In Crown Heights

Live at 8:00 PM ET: A kinus Torah on topics of the Beis Hamikdash and a farbrengen in Crown Heights will mark the first yahrzeit of Reb Yoel Kahn, legendary teacher of Chassidus and the Rebbe’s chozer.

A special event will be held tonight (Tuesday evening) marking the first yahrtzeit of Reb Yoel Kahn a”h, the chief chozer of the Rebbe’s Torah, on 6 Menachem Av.

A long lineup of rabbonim and mashpi’im, who are all talmidim and mushpa’im of Reb Yoel, will gather tonight to commemorate his first yahrtzeit. Reb Yoel merited to disseminate the Rebbe’s teachings to this entire generation and educated many generations of students throughout his over six decades of shiurim and farbrengens that literally shaped the face of dor hashvi’i.

The gathering will begin with a Kinus Torah on the topics of the Beis Hamikdash, organized by the Central Youth Organization in conjunction with their many projects in this area.

This annual Kinus was very dear to Reb Yoel. He would participate in it regularly and give over teachings of the Rebbe about the Beis Hamikdash. This year as well, a video will be shown of the sicha he discussed at the Kinus of 5773.

Yibadel l’chayim tovim, Rabbi Avrohom Hertz, maggid shiur in Oholei Torah and shliach in Bensonhurst will expound on the prohibition of destroying parts of the Beis Hamikdash.

In fulfillment of the Rebbe’s horaah to hold Siyumim during the Nine Days, the mashpia and mechanech Rabbi Nachman Yosef Twersky will deliver a Siyum on Maseches Yevamos. Rabbi Dovid Feldman will make a Siyum on Shisha Sidrei Mishnah, which were studied throughout this year l’ilui nishmas the chozer.

A unique video presentation prepared by JEM, showcasing special moments from Reb Yoel, will be screened at the event.

Following maariv, a seudas mitzvah will be held in honor of the Siyum. Many mashpi’im will participate in the farbrengen in honor of Reb Yoel’s yahrtzeit, including Rabbi Sholom Charitonov and Rabbi Berel Lipsker who for many years worked together with Reb Yoel on the writing of Sefer Ha’erchim. Also participating will be head mashpia of Oholei Torah Zal Rabbi Nachman Shapiro; Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi and other hanhala members of the Central Tomchei Temimim where Reb Yoel served as mashpia since 5717; members of Vaad Hanachos Lahak; chinuch consultant Rabbi Zalman Leib Markowitz; along with many more of Reb Yoel’s students.

The Kinus and farbrengen will take place on Tuesday evening, 5 Menachem Av, the hilula of the Arizal, in Kollel Menachem, 1483 Union St.

Mincha will begin at 7:45 followed by the rest of the program. The entire event will be live streamed on


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