Live: Raising Hashem’s Children Part 4

Women, Join Live at 8:30 PM: Mrs. Chanie Wolf will present the fourth of a six part Chinuch series on the topic of Raising Hashem’s Children – Inspiration and Practical Guidance in Chinuch of Young Children’.

Miriam’s Motherhood Center and Irgun Torah will be hosting a six part Chinuch series for women: Raising Hashem’s Children – Inspiration and Practical Guidance in Chinuch of Young Children.

The classes will be taught by Mrs. Chanie Wolf, mother, teacher, and assistant principal of Beis Rivkah seminary.

For Women:
Click here to join via Zoom
Meeting ID 9171545455 – Password 123
Also can be viewed live on 

Attend in person, Wednesday, 8:30 pm at Miriam’s Motherhood Center located at 781 East New York Ave. 

For your convenience: Those who are considering driving are welcome to park in the corner parking lot! (On East New York and Troy.)

The classes are l’ilui nishmas R’ Yitzchok ben R’ Aharon Flohr whose yartzeit is Thursday, Vav Av.

To sponsor a Torah class at Miriam’s Motherhood Center, contact [email protected]
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