Live: Pre-Gimmel Tammuz Unity Event in South Florida

Live at 7:30 PM: Join Anash and mekuravim from across South Florida for a program weaving together personal stories with the Rebbe, words of inspiration, and uplifting Niggunim.

Tonight, Anash from all over South Florida will gather to prepare for Gimmel Tammuz in what promises to be the largest Gimmel Tammuz event in the United States.

“It’s a completely one-of-a-kind occasion,” says Rabbi Yisroel Spalter of Chabad of Weston, one of the driving forces behind the event. “We’re hosting anash, shluchim, and their balabatim—all different kinds of Yidden coming together in a true commemoration of the Rebbe’s life.” 

A truly immersive multi-media production, crafted by a group led by producers Dovid Weinbaum and Shimon Sabol, will both inspire and engage the audience. 

“We’ll hear personal stories of the Rebbe that have never been told from fellow Anash in Florida,” says Rabbi Yoel Gancz, of Chabad of West Palm Beach. These moving tales will be woven together with video narratives, actual footage of the Rebbe’s Sichos, Niggunim, words of inspiration, and more.

Rabbi Levi Plotkin of Ckids Gan Israel is joining Rabbi Gancz and Rabbi Spalter, in a team that’s taking the initiative to create this memorable and meaningful night in honor of Gimmel Tammuz.

The star-studded lineup of the night includes Motty Steinmetz, all the way from Eretz Yisroel, who will awaken the crowd with his soulful Niggunim, along with American sensational singer Shlomo Simcha. 

Leading the on-stage farbrengen will be renowned Rabbi Moishe New, director of Montreal Torah Center, whose engaging style of teaching has inspired thousands of people around the world.


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