Live: Mega 28 Nissan Moshiach Event

Live at 8:00 PM: The Mega Moshiach event by Tut Altz will feature Rabbis Ahron Loschak, Moshe Kotlarsky, Ari Shishler, Aryeh Weinstein, Sholom Ber Lipskar, and Yossi Paltiel, and special video presentations.

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Video: No Hesitations!
Rabbi Ahron Loschak
8:00PM ET

Greetings: The Rebbe’s Desire
Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky

Feature Video: “Moshiach made me Frum”
8:10PM ET

Interview Highlights: Know our Current World
Rabbi Ari Shishler
8:20PM ET

Video Presentation: Nuclear Button
Oisios from the Rebbe

Interview Highlights: Language to Lift
Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein
8:35PM ET

Hachlatah: Introducing The Alef
Interview Highlights: The Oct. 8th Jew
Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar
8:50PM ET

Video of the Rebbe: “Tut altz vos ir kent”
Live Farbrengen:
Rabbi Yossi Paltiel
9:00-10:00PM ET

Video: Farbrengen 15 Shevat 5741
10:00PM ET


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