Live: Mechanchim Gather at Grand Hakhel in Crown Heights

Watch live on A major Hakhel event for Mechanchim will be taking place Wednesday night, featuring a slate of accomplished and inspiring speakers and rabbanim covering a broad array of topics related to chinuch.

A major Mechanchim Hakhel event will be taking place Wednesday night, and all mechanchim from the New York area are invited to attend.

Presenters will include veteran Mechanchem, Rabbi Yosef Simpson, Dean of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, and Rabbi Mendel Blau Dean of Oholei Torah. The keynote address and leader of the Farbrengen will be the highly sought-after speaker, a master in all topics, particularly in chinuch, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Glukowski Shlita of Beis Din Rabonei Chabad Eretz Hakodesh.


Rabbi Simpson will expand on “מלמד תורה לעמו ישראל”, Hashem is called a  “Teacher of  Torah ” and its implication to every mechanech in their respective classroom. 

Rabbi Blau will expand on “בנינו ערבים בעדינו”, “our children are the guarantors of the continuation of the Torah” and its  implication to every mechanech in their respective classroom.  

Rabbi Glukoski’s topic is scheduled to be called, “Secrets in Chinuch”. The Rebbe rekindled the spark of Hakhel strongly, encouraging gatherings of unity to inspire us with refreshed commitment to Torah and Mitzvos.

The big focus of the mitzvah of Hakhel, says the Rebbe, is that “it impresses upon us our duties towards the children with special force and timeliness.”  The Mechanchim are at the forefront of chinuch, imbuing our youth with Torah and Yiras Shomayim. Thus Hakhel and Mechanchim are significantly related, both focusing on positively impacting our children.

Furthermore, when discussing the importance of listening intently to the king read from the Torah during Hakhel, the Rambam writes that it is comparable to Hashem giving the Torah at Har Sinai–listening with reverence and awe, rejoicing while trembling as on the day the Torah was given at Sinai.

Thus, we see the intrinsic connection of this Hakhel event on Erev Shavuous night, to the Yom Tov of Shavuous.

In this spirit, and in the spirit of “K’ish Echad B’lev Echad” Igud Hamelamdim invites all mechanchim from the entire New York area to a: Grand Mechanchim Hakhel. Looking forward to welcoming all mechanchim there!

Wednesday, Daled Sivan, 8:00  at the Jewish Children’s Museum – Lower Level. 

The event will broadcast live exclusively on for the benefit of the Chabad community worldwide.

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