Live: Machon Chana Celebrates 50 Years

Join Live Now: Machon Chana Women’s Yeshiva will be celebrating their Jubilee 50th year of bringing Torah true education to Jewish women from all backgrounds with a Hakhel Reunion Banquet in Crown Heights.

Machon Chana Women’s Yeshiva will be celebrating their Jubilee 50th year with a Hakhel Reunion Banquet in Crown Heights, followed by another four days of programs.

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The banquet and programs will be taking place on Wednesday through Shabbos of this week, March 22- March 26, at the Machon Chana building – 556 Crown Street.

The celebration will highlight 50 years of accomplishments of Machon Chana, bringing Torah true education to Jewish women from all backgrounds. From the beginning the Rebbe guided, instructed and encouraged the directors of Machon Chana to treat all the women, which He called “meine techter” (my daughters) with dignity and respect, to be in touch with their needs and to inspire them to aspire to a higher way of life and give them the knowledge and tools to run a Jewish home. Machon Chana had been there with ongoing support for Jewish women at any stage or age. 

Machon Chana began in September 1972 as the first full-time Chabad yeshiva for Jewish women in search for Torah learning. Over the decades Machon Chana has developed innovative programs to meet the needs of women from all walks of life.  Among them are Yeshivacation short term in-depth learning, the summer yeshiva in the mountains, the Teacher Training program for current and future teachers, the Lift program and Ohr Chana High School for teens, Project Identity for South American girls, and Michlelet Chana Vocational and Teachers Seminary for post-seminary girls, the Dual Degree program where Torah courses gain credit towards a Degree and the ILearn courses of higher Torah learning for women. Many programs are also offered online. 

The elegant Wednesday Night Banquet will feature first-hand accounts, videos and music from women who have learned and benefited from the Machon Chana programs.

Thursday’s Pesach expo will feature A Day of Learning – A Pesach Prep – Including Halacha, Chassidus, Haggadah, Cooking demonstrations, and a Questions and Answer session.

Friday will be a full day of submersion into the Kedusha offered in Crown Heights – a trip to the Ohel, the Rebbe’s room, the Rebbe’s home, and WLCC.  

Shabbos will include Farbrengens, a Kiddush Seudah followed by a panel on Bitachon with Rabbi Levke Kaplan and Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld followed by Shalosh seudos, and seder niggunim.

Motzei Shabbos features a session on personality development with Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg followed by a kumzitz with music and a farbrengen. 

Women from the Crown Heights community as well as globally are invited to join the banquet which will be live-streamed on

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