Live: Learning Why We Want to Expand 770

Join live at 9:30 PM ET: A group of chassidim will gather together to learn Kuntres Beis Rabbeinu Shebibovel, detailing the importance and need to expand 770 – the Rebbe’s shul.

Tonight, Sunday 9 Teves (1/1/23), at 9:30 pm 770time (EST) please join us on zoom and learn the Kuntres Beis Rabbeinu, so we remember why we want to Expand 770!

Click here to join:

One of the initiatives to promote and encourage the expansion of 770 is to arrange shiurim in Kuntres Beis Rabbeinu in Anash communities and Lubavitch Yeshivos worldwide, including a mivtza in Yeshivos.

There should be no Jew who has not learned the kuntres, which instructs us to each get involved in expanding 770 as a preparation to bring the beis hamikdosh down.

The mission of ‘Expand 770’ is to promote and encourage the expansion of 770.

To join and/or support us in arranging additional shiurim, please visit

Check out our page of initiatives

Find the right initiative for you to join the effort of promoting and encouraging the expansion today!

VIDEO: Replay

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