Launches Halacha with Rabbi Berel Bell

Watch the Replay: Join a Sunday morning halacha shiur with Rabbi Berel Bell, rov of Anash in Montreal. This week’s topic: Tefilas Haderech. is pleased to bring you Rabbi Berel Bell‘s Sunday morning halacha shiur each week. The shiur takes place on Sunday at 9:30 AM EST, and it covers practical halachic questions following the order of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch.

This week’s topic is the laws of Tefilas HaDerech (Siman 68), and will address these questions:

– How far into the trip does one make the brocho?

– If you travel by day and return by night, do you say, “ותחזירנו לשלום”?

– Why only the word “ותתנני” is in singular?

– Regarding which ruling of the Alter Rebbe does the Mishmeres Sholom say — “נוראות נפלאתי… לכאורה נגד כל הפוסקים”?

– What were the practices of Raboseinu N’sieinu (including the Rebbe’s trips to Gan Yisroel) regarding Tefilas HaDerech?

To join on Zoom, click here.

Passcode: 770

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