Live: Rabbi Chaikin on Safety Halachos

Watch at 8 PM: Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin, rov of Anash in Cleveland, OH will discuss the practical applications of halachos enacted for safety reasons.

The Chachamim gave various reasons when forbidding Jewish people to do certain things. One of the most mysterious basis for halachik prohibitions is “Things that are forbidden because of danger.”

The Gemara states that if any foods or beverages are left under a bed, even if they are enclosed in a vessel made of iron, an evil spirit rests on them and it is prohibited to eat them.

A number of other things were forbidden because of danger or an evil spirit. The list includes drinking water that has been left uncovered overnight, eating peeled garlic or onions left overnight, eating fish together with meat, and more.

Over the generations, poskim have disagreed whether some or all of these prohibitions are still in effect today. Some have reasoned that since our living conditions are different than in gemara times, certain concerns are not applicable. Other poskim held that the prohibitions still apply today.

Join Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin tonight at 8:00 pm as he addresses this very practical principle in halacha, as well as relevant points of Law and Minhag in particular.

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