Live: Global Preparation Event for Kinus Hashluchim

Join live at 3:00 PM: A global preparation will take place ahead of this year’s Kinus Hashluchim, marking 30 years since the Rebbe delivered the landmark sicha of Kinus Hashluchim 5752.

In anticipation of the upcoming Kinus Hashluchim, which is 30 years since the Rebbe delivered the landmark sicha of Kinus Hashluchim 5752, a unique Zoom organized by the Moshiach Office and the Kinus Office will be taking place today at 3:00 PM NY Time.

Thirty shluchim will be participating in a fast-paced, speaking collage where each shliach will be presenting for three minutes, each answering the same question: “How does the Sicha from Kinus Hashluchim 5752 impact your shlichus?”

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Or join the Zoom and Live Steam by visiting

The 30 shluchim chosen have gone on shlichus over the past 30 years:

5752: Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, Chabad of Watertown

5753; Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld, Chabad of Eastern Shores, FL

5754; Rabbi Levi Cunin, Chabad of Malibu, CA

5755; Rabbi Chay Amar, Chabad of Golden Beach, FL

5776: Rabbi Shmuel Naparstek, Chabad of Jackson, NJ

5757: Rabbi Dov Yona Korn, Chabad House Bowery (Serving NYU)

5758: Rabbi Simcha Backman, Chabad of Glendale and the Foothill Communities, CA

5760: Rabbi Zalman Lipskier, Chabad at Emory, LA

5761: Rabbi Danny Cohen, Chabad of Hebron

5767: Rabbi Motti Wilhelm, Chabad Center for Jewish Life – SW Portland, OR

5770: Rabbi Nosson Potash, Chabad of Cole Valley, CA

5763: Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel, Chabad at Arizona State University

5764: Rabbi Moshe Gourarie, Chabad of Toms River, NJ

5765: Rabbi Uriel Vigler, Chabad Israel Center, Manhattan

5766: Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, Chabad Lubavitch in Cyberspace /

5762: Rabbi Aryeh Lang, Chabad of Camarillo, CA

5768: Rabbi Tanhoum Matusof, Chabad of Monaco

5769: Rabbi Yehuda Shurpin, Chabad Shul of S. Louis Park

5759: Rabbi Moshe Kahn, Chabad Youth of Melbourne

5772: Rabbi Levi Dubrawsky, The Friendship Circle of Dallas

5773: Rabbi Levi Mentz, Chabad of Forsyth, GA

5774: Rabbi Zalmy Levin, Chabad of Calgary

5775: Rabbi Shmuly Slonim, Chabad at Rice University, TX

5779: Rabbi Shmuel Lezak, Chabad of Bayshore, Miami Beach

5756: Rabbi Gidon Fox, Pretoria, South Africa

5777: Rabbi Zushi Rivkin, Pasadena CA

5778: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shuchat, Jewish Latin Center, NYC

5780: Rabbi Chaim Markovits, Chabad of Rural Georgia

5781: Rabbi Mendel Lerman, Chabad of Peachtree Corners, GA

5771: Rabbi Levi Greenberg, Chabad of El Paso, TX

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