Live: Gala Hakhel Event To Mark Siyum On Kesubos

Watch Live on A siyum on Meseches Kesubos is being held in Crown Heights, with seven local shiurim finishing simultaneously, with a full catered Seudas Mitzvah.

After learning 112 Blatt gemara, many members of our community are B”H finishing Maseches Kesubos ― by learning a Daf Gemorah per day either with a shiur, by chavrusa, online podcast shiur or by themselves ― and are now celebrating with a Siyum of Maseches Kesubos.

The guest speaker will be Rabbi Chaim Shapiro – The Menahel of Yeshivas TT”L in Morristown, NJ. Live Music by Chabad musician Yossi Cohen.

The Siyum will be given by Rabbi Fischel Oster. He will also share with us the Rebbe’s Hadran on Maseches Kesubos.

Divrei Chizuk by Rabbi Shlomo Greenwald Founder of Kolel L’Horaah Ma’asis

The Haschalas Maseches Nedarim will be given by Rabbi Shia Werner

For those starting to learn Maseches Nedarim Gemorah’s will be distributed.

The Seudas Mitzvah will be catered by Table One, Decor by Chani Greenbaum, Event Coordinator: Shnuer Najar.

Stream the siyum live at

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Participating Shiurim: 

Rabbi Fischel Oster – Merkas Avreichim

Rabbi Shmuel Rosenstein – Anshei Lubavitch/Geshem Shul

Rabbi Alexander Heppenheimer – Chevra Shas

Rabbi Holtzberg/Rabbi Shia Werner – Anash Shul 

Rabbi Hershel Lustig – Beis Eliezer Yitzchok 

Rabbi Zalman Shanowits – Shains Shul 

For timings,more info and a full listing of shiurim and podcasts from Irgun Torah, visit:

“שלימות העניין של  ויעקב הלך לדרכו הוא בב’ חשוון, כשמתחילים לומר תחנון, אז מתחילים ימי המעשה ושם פועל יהודי על ידי עבודתו את הדירה בתחתונים, תכלית הכוונה.” – שיחת מוצ”ש בראשית תשל”ח

“כשמסיים מסכת, מצוה לשמוח ולעשות סעודה, ונקראת סעודת מצוה” – הרמ”א

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In honor of Shnas Hakhel, as per Rebbe’s directives to increase in Shiurei Torah, If you or your shul would like to start a new shiur, or promote an ongoing shul, please contact us at [email protected]
A joint project by Irgun Torah and Rabbi Shloimy Greenwald Founder of Kolel L’Horaah Ma’asis.

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