Live: Farbrengen With Rabbi Akiva Wagner

Join Live Now: Rabbi Akiva Wagner, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto, is farbrenging in honor of Yud Shevat.


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One of the directives of the Rebbe in connection with the auspicious day of Yud shvat, is to increase I’m tzedaka, and specifically to mosdos connected with the Rebbe. In 5717 (1957) the Rebbe established Yeshivas Lubavitch, Toronto. Today, we are all able to witness the unceasing brochos of the Rebbe in the incredible growth of the Yeshiva.

This year, the bochurim are enjoying an extraordinary year of limud haTorah and avodas Hashem. However, with our Rosh Hayeshiva, Rabbi Wagner, continuing to battle a dreaded disease (and we ask everyone to continue to dedicate your tefilos and pe’ulos tovos to the speedy and complete recovery of Michoel Akiva Gershon ben Rochel Batya), the Yeshiva is facing unprecedented financial challenges. We ask you to consider including Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto in your tzedaka on this special day, every amount counts and helps, and may Hashem bless you with the greatest abundance of both material and spiritual blessings.

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Thank again, with heartfelt prayers for Moshiach now!

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