Live: Experience Chevron Like Never Before

Join Live at 8:00PM EST: Chabad of Chevron will bring Shabbos Chayei Sarah to you with a live broadcast featuring Shliach Rabbi Danny Cohen, Rabbi Asi Spiegel, and a first-hand account from someone who entered the actual underground cave.

Every year, Chabad of Chevron hosts tens of thousands of visitors for Shabbos Chayei Sara, the week we read how Avrohom Avinu purchased Mearas HaMachpelah from the non Jewish inhabitants of the land.

This year, due to coronavirus restrictions, entry to the Mearas HaMachpelah will be limited to the residents of Chevron only.

Instead, Chabad of Chevron will be hosting a live broadcast from the Mearas HaMachpelah with Shliach Rabbi Danny Cohen and Rabbi Asi Spiegel.

The program will take place Thursday. 25 Cheshvan, Nov. 12, at 8 PM EST, at

Noam Arnon sharing his first hand experience of entering the actual Cave of Machpelah far beneath the iconic structure!
Live music by Mordechai Yitzhar and band
Real and raw insider’s tour of Chevron
Special Guests and more

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