Live: Emunah and Bitachon with R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

Join Live at 7:00 PM ET: R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin will deliver a shiur from 770 on emunah and bitachon leading to geula, in honor of the month of Elul. Join in-person or online.

Lekovod Chodesh Elul!

Learn Emunah & Bitachon, and start living Geulah

Irgun Torah will be presenting a series of shiurim on Shaar Habitachon by Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin on Tuesdays throughout the month of Elul at 7-8 pm in 770. Women can also join in the shiur from the ezras nashim section.

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Join Reb Sholom for Tuesdays of Trust, Faith, and Inspiration- these Shiurim will focus on strengthening our Emunah and Bitachon in this auspicious month of Elul. 

Reb Sholom Rubashkin, whose faith was tested in bitter circumstances, yet remained steadfast in emunah, will infuse us with words of wisdom gained from experience in his own challenge overcome.

In this text-based Shaar Habitachon shiur, R’ Sholom will inspire us to achieve a step beyond emunah and bitachon as well, and learn to start living our own Geulah. 

The Rebbe influenced us to turn to Shaar Habitachon and internalize a mindset of tracht gut vet zein gut. The Rebbe upheld emunah as a most efficient way to find comfort, peace of mind, and overcome the various life struggles and challenges. 

So Join us weekly, from 7 to 8 PM every Tuesday this Elul, presented from the center stage of 770.

The shiur will be broadcasted via the speaker system to ensure that both the Men and women in the Ezras Nashim will be in clear hearing range.

A question and answer session will be provided to address your personal questions and your particular challenges. To submit your question, simply email [email protected], and R’ Sholom will address some of the question at the conclusion of the shiur.

Can’t attend in person? We’ve got you covered. Both a live broadcast and post recording will be available at

A new podcast for your daily dose of bitachon insight by Reb Sholom which will be updated daily, can be found at

This shiur is also lizchus a complete and speedy Refuah shelaima to someone who embodies Emunah together with his devoted wife in spite of an ongoing five month hospital stay: Rabbi Yehuda Dukes.  

We continue to thank Hashem for the continued recovery of Rabbi Dukes, Founder of JNet: A learning peer-to-peer program, matching tens of thousands of souls from around the globe with fellow Torah study partners for weekly ongoing chavrusos.

We look forward to Rabbi Dukes to once again step back into his role as husband, father, and founder with more health and fervor than ever before.

The continuation of these Tuesdays of Trust, infusing so many with the strength they need to carry on amidst these turbulent times, depends on you and your generosity. Any amount helps! 

Your much appreciated donation towards these inspirational gatherings and to help support more upcoming events and Shiurim at

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