Live Daily Kinus Torah: Kashering an Induction Oven

Live at 10:00 AM: Rabbi Itcha Itkin Shliach Kansas City Missouri/Chaver Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad will address the final day of the online daily Kinus Torah on the topic of Kashering an Induction Stove.

Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad presents daily Kinnus Torah

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Topic: Can One Kasher an Induction Stove?

HaRav Itcha Itkin – Shliach Kansas City Missouri/Chaver Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad
Friday, Isru Chag – 10:00am

Kollel L’Rabbonei Chabad is a joint project of the Hilchasa K’Rav Institute and the Beis Medrash L’Shluchim of Merkos 302.

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Meeting ID: 834 7111 0064
Passcode: 239107

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    1. The link for Rabbi Mann’s shiur is missing; is there a different link for it? The link above is repeated from Rabbi Cohen’s shiur.
      Thank you.

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