Live: Conversations with Our Bochurim

Tonight at 8:30 PM: Argentina Mashpia Rabbi Asher Farkash will offer guidance to parents on guiding their teenage sons through life issues.

As a follow-up to our very popular and well-received series “Conversations with your Children”, will be hosting an extremely important three-part series for parents, titled “Conversations with your Bochurim”.

Part one will be tonight (Wednesday, July 27/28 Tammuz), by Rabbi Asher Farkash, a renowned mashpia and Shliach to Argentina who will address the Hashkafa aspects.  

Parts two and three will be on the following two Wednesdays, with Dr. Gavriel Fagin PhD, Director Tikunim counseling services. 

We are certain that you will receive the proper guidance and support on how and when to have conversations with your teenage boys and beyond, and with Hashem’s help to ensure healthy development as they grow into adulthood. 

We will be starting promptly, 8:30 PM at

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