Live: Chof Cheshvan Farbrengen with 770 Yeshiva

Join Live at 10:00 PM: This Shabbos was Chof Cheshvan. Tonight, the 770 Yeshiva will be commemorating the birthday of its founder, the Rebbe Rashab, by hosting a farbrengen led by Reb Shlomo Zarchi, that will be live streamed throughout the world.

Today was Chof Cheshvan, the Birthday of the Rebbe Rashab, the founder of Tomchei Temimim. The Rebbe Rashab opened the original Tomchei Temimim in 1897 with great mesiras nefesh and the yeshiva has continued on throughout the generations. The 770 Yeshiva is the central Tomchei Temimim Yeshiva and has declared Chof Cheshvan to be ‘Tomchei Temimim Day’.

You now have the exclusive opportunity to honor the Rebbe Rashab’s legacy. In a Sicha said in the year 5749, the Rebbe laid out the directives as to how to commemorate this special day. The Rebbe wrote that one observes Chof Cheshvan by spending time in one of the moisdos of the Rebbe Rashab and by making contributions to the moisdos in the Rebbe Rashab’s honor.  

Tonight at 100:00PM, in accordance with the Rebbe’s directives regarding the commemoration of the day, 770 will be hosting a farbrengen. The farbrengen will be led by Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi and will be live streamed around the globe to enable chassidim from both near and far to participate. 

Let us show up in support of the central Tomchei Temimim – The 770 Yeshiva by joining the farbrengen and by participating in the campaign.

There’s more! 

Every donation of $36 or more will automatically enter you into a raffle to win a 5 dollar bill from the Rebbe. 5 dollar bills were not given out very often, and now you have the opportunity to win one by participating in the Chof Cheshvan raffle! 

The goal of our campaign is to gather 1,000 individuals to partner with us on this auspicious day in accordance with the Rebbe’s directives. 

On this momentous occasion, let us look back at our holy heritage and stand behind the institutions that the Rebeim entrusted us with. 

For more information and to become one of our 1,000 partners, visit

Join the Farbrengen live by clicking here or manually with the below ID

Meeting ID: 775 5274 6590
Passcode: 770

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