Live: Chidon Headquarters to Answer Parents’ Questions

A live Zoom meeting will be held for parents of Chidon participants at 2:30 PM ET to answer challenges and questions about the Chidon registration, Chidon Drive, and other parts of the program.

Message from Chidon Headquarters:

Dear Chidon parents,

It has been brought to our attention that some parents have Q’s regarding Chidon Registration and the Chidon Drive. Boruch Hashem we have answers to all the challenges and questions that have been brought to our attention.

Iy”h TODAY at 2:30 EST there will be a 15 minute Parent Zoom meeting with HQ, followed by an optional Q&A. The goal of the meeting will be to go through the Registration Process, explain how the Chidon Drive works, and address the many challenges and programing glitches that many parents have been experiencing while trying to register their children.

We hope that this will bring clarity to some of the confusion that you may be experiencing.

There will iy”h be a recording of the Zoom for those that can not attend at that time.

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 954 5237 2983
Passcode: 361831

Looking forward,
Chidon HQ

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