Live: Attorneys Discuss Seforim Case at Hei Teves Farbrengen

Join Live at 8:30 PM ET: A farbrengen in honor of Hei Teves will stream live from the Ohel, with Rabbis Sholom Ber LevitinShmaya Shmotkin, Zalman Wolowik, and Moshe Gourarie, and two attorneys with inside knowledge of the seforim case.

Two attorneys, Mr. Harvey Stone and Mr. Richard Dolan, who have worked on the Seforim Case as assistants to the lead lawyer, Mr. Nat Lewin, will be speaking at the Hei Teves farbrengen taking place near the Rebbe’s Ohel on Wednesday, eve of Hei Teves.

Mr. Stone and Mr. Dolan have been involved in preparing the case, and they will share their recollections at the farbrengen. They have also been involved in other legal work for Lubavitch, including regarding public Menorah  lightings, in the context of which they merited to meet the Rebbe at Dollars.

Other speakers include Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin, head Shliach of the State of Washington, who will reveal heretofore unknown details of the involvement of the Shluchim at the time in the ongoing battle and victory of the Seforim. Rabbi Shmaya Shmotkin will discuss the achrayus of each chosid to accomplish the Rebbe’s goals, and Rabbi Zalman Wolowik will share what it was like to experience the story of Hei Teves first-hand as a Bochur by the Rebbe at the time. 

The Farbrengen will begin at 8:30PM on Wednesday, following Maariv and watching the video of Hei Teves 5747 at 6:45PM. Transportation from Crown Heights will be available leaving from President and Kingston at 5:45 and 7:30.

The Farbrengen will also be streamed live at and on for those who cannot attend in person.

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A Farbrengen with Shluchim around the world will ‏continue on Zoom.
The Zoom Farbrengen will begin at approximately 10:30 pm

Join the Zoom at
Meeting ID: 848 5394 7968
Passcode: 607595


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