Live: 28 Nissan Event Set To Empower Children To Bring Moshiach

Join the Live Tut Altz 28 Nissan Kids Hakhel Farbrengen, moderated by Rabbi Lev Yakov Voskoboynik, featuring storytelling by Rabbi Zalman Phillips, games, 12 Pesukim, niggunim by Rabbi Shmueli and find out the winners of the Hachlata Challenge.

By: Zelig Katzman

This year, marking 32 years since Chassidim received a personal mandate from the Rebbe to hasten the coming of Moshiach, Tut Altz Kids is hosting its online Hakhel farbrengen on Wednesday, Chof Ches Nissan.

In an engaging one-hour program featuring a guest storyteller, Rebbe videos, and fun games, the children will be treated to an immersive experience that will empower them to bring the message of Geulah to their friends and family.

As the last generation of Golus and the first generation of Geulah, Lubavitcher Chassidim are uniquely charged with inculcating within themselves and their children an awareness of and anticipation for Moshiach.

To this end, The Moshiach Office of Merkos 302 works tirelessly to provide resources and materials to educate and inspire all of the Rebbe’s Chassidim, both children and adults, to begin to live Geulah, one Mitzvah at a time.

Moderated by Rabbi Lev Yakov Voskoboynik, the farbrengen will feature a remarkable story by Rabbi Zalman Phillips and a musical performance by Rabbi Shmueli. This engaging program will prove to be great fun for the whole family.

In addition to announcing the winners of the Hachlata Raffle, the program will include a special launch of the Tut Altz Kids “Moshiach Contest”, in which children will be encouraged to utilize the lessons learned about Moshiach in the LWGN curriculum to create innovative projects.

Leading up to the event, kids will be able to launch hachlata crowd campaigns on the OneMitzvah platform. The Children are encouraged to inspire their friends and acquaintances to commit to doing more good deeds. The campaign hopes to promote the importance of every single mitzvah in bringing about the Geulah, the winners of the Hachlata raffle will be announced at the rally, with the grand prize being awarded an electric scooter and a personalized Sefer of their choice.

 Visit to pledge the Hachlatahs today!

Tune in live via zoom or on on Wednesday 28 Nissan, April 19 at 6 pm ET.

For further questions and inquiries, message [email protected] or +1 (347) 343-4514.

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