Listen: Beis Rivkah Graduation Speech, 1959

One of the first teachers at Beis Rivkah, Rebbetzin Ettel Tzerna Hodakov, taught at all levels and was involved in the institution’s development and expansion. She recorded her Yiddish address from the 1959 graduation, which is provided here with captions.

A well-known educator, Rebbetzin Ettel Tzerna Hodakov taught at Bais Yaakov of Williamsburg and was one of the first teachers at Beth Rivkah Schools. She taught elementary, high school, and seminary students, and was involved in the institution’s development and expansion.

As a parent of a graduate and a faculty member, Rebbetzin Hodakov’s talk at the 1959 8th grade graduation represented both the faculty and the fellow parents of the graduates.

Although a recording of the actual graduation is currently not available, a short while after the graduation, Rebbetzin Hodakov was asked to record the talk she gave to be remembered.

We are publishing this in honor of Rebbetzin Hodakov’s great-grandchildren who are graduating from Beth Rivkah School and in honor of the upcoming yahrzeit of Rebbetzin Ettel Tzerna Bas R’ Meir Shmaryahu Hodakov, Z”L, on the 20th of Sivan.

With special thanks to Mrs. Chana Brod for the translation, this video features a Yiddish talk with English subtitles. Please note that the subtitles are not a word-for-word translation. Instead, they have been adapted for clarity and readability. We hope this enhances your viewing experience.


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