Listen: A Lubavitcher ‘Zochreinu’

Listen: Singer Yitzchok Landau and child soloist Duvid Leifer perform a Chabad niggun from Nikolayev with the words of ‘Zochreinu L’Chaim’, added by Reb Hershele from Kretchnif.

Zochreinu L’Chaim is a niggun originally composed by Chabad Chassidim from Nikolayev, Russia. Later it was adapted by Reb Hershele from Kretchniff, who was the one who added the words to the tune.

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Music Arranged by: Sruly Neuman.
Vocals Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ MK Studios.
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  1. the chabad nigun is called veharkoisy lochem brocho, or as the Rebbe once called it, the “naye veharkoisy” (to differentiate between this nikolayver nigun and the more well known nigun “verakoisoi”

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