Lipskier Family Marks Father’s Yahrzeit

The family of R’ Yankel Lipskier marked his yahrzeit on Tuesday with l’chaims and a visit to his resting place in Montefiore Cemetery. Download a recently published biographical sketch of his life here.

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The family of R’ Yankel Lipskier marked his yahrzeit on Tuesday, 21 Sivan.

R’ Yankel, who passed away on 21 Sivan 5745, merited to assist the Rebbe during his visit to Paris in 5707. After he emigrated to the USA he served as a shadar and then, on the instruction of the Freierdiker Rebbe, worked on a farm until 5714 when he moved to Brooklyn.

In Crown Heights, R’ Yankel ran a small grocery store, but was mainly known for his role as the gabbai of the Rebbe‘s shul at 770 Eastern Parkway. He was also talented with his hands, and would create many projects out of wood, including the Aron Kodesh in the big and small zals of 770 and a number of shtenders that are still there until today.

On Tuesday, his family marked his yahrzeit. His son Rabbi Berel Lipser davened for the amud in 770, followed by the traditional l’chaim and tikkun.

Later in the day, his children and grandchildren visited his kever in Montefiore Cemetery.

To read more about R’ Yankel’s life, and and his special relationship with the Rebbe and Rebbetzin, download a recently published biographical sketch of his life, authored by his great-grandson Memkeh Schmukler.

Download the biography here.

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