Limited Spots Available in OYYL Elementary Classes 

Do you want your son to truly excel in his study of Chumash or Gemara? Are you searching for a nurturing and Chassidishe environment where he can thrive academically and personally? OYYL in Crown Heights has the solution you’ve been seeking.

A limited number of spots remain available in the elementary-age classes at Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch School in Crown Heights.

OYYL recently purchased a new building, which will allow them to upgrade and expand their elementary program. The building, which was fully renovated and remodeled, boasts an abundance of natural sunlight, a boon to children in their growing years. 

Together with its trademark warm, chassidishe and non-competitive environment, OYYL offers a robust educational program, with a focus on skill-based learning, expanding cognitive abilities, and developing independent learning skills, setting your child up for success.

The curriculum is infused with strong Hiskashrus to the Rebbe and Chabad Lubavitch values, ensuring a warm and nurturing environment for every student. A special focus is put on developing good Midos, Ahavas Yisroel, and community chessed activities to instill strong character and a sense of community.

Hands-on activities, our staff of skilled educators, and classroom management based on the Nurtured Heart Approach will make for years of success and growth for your son. 

Our method of building skills in the study of Chumash, Mishna, and Gemara has already shown great success, with many of our graduates being accepted to top Mesivtos in America and Eretz Yisroel. The layered method ensures that your son will properly learn how to study Chumash, and Mishna, and how to apply these skills to the study of Gemara.  

Limited spots remain in the following two classes: 

1. Chumash Class

boys ages 6-7 

Lead by Rabbi Y. Kaplan 

Hours: Sunday- Thursday 9-4, Fridays 9-12

– Learning with emphasis on in-depth Chumash Study 

– In depth Rashi on Chumash 

– Chumash Vocabulary System (CVS) that allows automaticity in Text Based Learning.  

– Exelence in Loshon Hakodesh

2. Gemorah Class 

boys ages 10-11 

Hours: Sunday- Thursday 9-5, Fridays 9-12

Lead by Rabbi M. Baron and Rabbi M. Gilard

– In depth Gemorah Skills with Rashi and Tosfos 

– Gemorah Vocabulary System (GVS) to allow automaticity and integration. 

– Developing High Order Thinking/ Learning how to think  

Contact us today to arrange a personal tour of our school and facilities. 

Don’t miss out this opportunity to provide your son with a top-notch chinuch in a loving, Chassidishe environment. Limited spots are available, so act now and enroll your child at OYYL!

Schedule a tour today!


333 Albany Ave, 

Brooklyn, NY 11213

Office: 646-450-4770

Cell: 347-387-8545

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