Limited Scholarships Now Available for Postville Mesivta and Zal

In an effort to make the Postville Yeshiva Gedolah more accessible for Talmidim, the yeshiva is granting generous scholarships with up to 70% of the tuition being subsidized, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Mr. Gideon & Shely Gratsiani.

Baruch Hashem, our yeshiva, Bais Sholom of Postville, Iowa has successfully educated Talmidim for over 25 years. Bochurim come from across the United States and beyond to benefit from the warm, Chassidishe atmosphere of our yeshiva.

Located in the small, peaceful town of Postville, Bais Sholom offers a relaxed environment where the bochurim have the opportunity to devote themselves to learning Torah without distractions while enjoying the nature around them. The warmth of the hanhala members helps ensure that every bochur feels like part of a family and that they are treated with respect and dignity. All of these factors have helped contribute to the well-being of our bochurim.

What began as a Mesivta, has blossomed and expanded tremendously. Ten years ago, Bais Sholom opened the Yeshivas Kayitz summer program, run with the same devotion and care as the yeshiva throughout the year, and at a very affordable rate. The Postville Yeshivas Kayitz quickly gained its great reputation and has, Boruch Hashem, been very successful. With our dedicated staff including Rabbi Shmuel Benshimon as Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Gavriel Levin and Rabbi Avraham Katz as Mashpim, and Rabbi Koppel Zirkind as the Menahel, we expanded and opened the Yeshiva Gedolah, too. The Yeshiva Gedolah has the same values and goals as the Mesivta and has the same warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Mr. Gideon & Shely Gratsiani, for the coming year of 5785, in an effort to make the Yeshiva Gedolah more accessible for Talmidim, we are granting very generous scholarships with up to 70% of the tuition being subsidized. These scholarships will be limited and are intended for new bochurim applying to our Yeshiva Gedolah who need the financial assistance.

For more information about this please reach out to [email protected] or call 347-990-3095. Applications can be submitted at

Hear what our previous Bochurim have to say about the Yeshivah:

“My three years in Postville gave me a strong foundation that I still rely on in my day to day life. In addition to learning Nigleh and Chassidus, we participated in farbrengens and Shabbos meals with Rabbi Vogel, Rabbi Ben Shimon, Rabbi Levin and Rabbi Gurkov. The Niggunim, stories, and “Chassidishe Hergeshim” made an indelible mark on my daily life.”

– Shmulie Margolin, MD, Cleveland Ohio

“My years in Postville were instrumental in shaping not only my growth in learning and Chassidishkeit, but also my career in Chinuch. When dealing with matters of Chinuch in my home and in Cheder, I often refer to the Chinuch that I received in Postville – Chinuch that emphasized an understanding of each and every Neshomo in their care. I experienced an unconditional commitment to personalized care, warmth, and attention. Regardless of my behavior, abilities or background, the staff were aware of and cared for my needs in all areas – Ruchni & Gashmi. Their innate ability to see the little saplings within the forest, recognizing each student as an individual rather than just another face in the crowd, has stayed with me in the decades since.” – Shmuly Kaufman, Montreal, Canada

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