Like in Lubavitch

Every summer, bochurim would set out in pairs to do Merkos Shlichus work. One year, the Rebbe reminded them that although they were teaching the basics, their goal should always be “to establish a Yeshiva like in Lubavitch.”

Every year, in the summer months, bochurim would set out in pairs to do Merkos Shlichus work. To locate Yidden, disseminate reading material and encourage Torah observance.

One summery Shabbos, Shabbos Parshas Pinchos 5717, before the bochurim set out, the Rebbe reminded them although they will be doing elementary work, teaching the basics, it is important that the shluchim remember that the ultimate goal is much more than that.

“The final objective is to establish a Yeshiva like in Lubavitch,” the Rebbe said.

“Although the recipients are not ready for it yet, still the Shluchim should tell them, ‘Although we’re not giving you everything yet, since you’re not vessels for it, the goal is to bring you to a place of live spring water!’

In his edits to the sicha, the Rebbe added in his handwriting, that the goal is not only to establish a Yeshiva, rather that “all the inyonim of the place should be like in Lubavitch, the place of the wellspring.”

(Toras Menachem; Moments Archive)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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