Live: Sichos Chidon at Bais Rivkah

After five weeks of studying, the finalists of the Chidon Limud Toraso in Bais Rivkah of Crown Heights are getting ready for the grand culmination with a game show and awards for finalists.

Chidon Limud Toraso has been the talk of Bais Rivkah for the past five weeks. Hundreds of students capitalized on the opportunity to study the Rebbe’s Torah, join incredible shiurim, and prepare for tests on select sichos from Likkutei Sichos-Shmos.

Now, the grand culmination of the studying, the Chidon Limud Toraso is near. After five weeks of studying 10 fundamental sichos and poring over each insight, the finalists for the Chidon have been determined. 

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Congratulations to the Chidon finalists: Etty Geisinsky, Etti Labkowski, and Simi Vaisfische of the ninth grade, tenth graders Fraida Marasow, Rochelle Stroh, and Tzivia Weinbaum, eleventh graders Chavi Barber, Rivka Belinitzki, Batya Katz, and Chaya Mahatuf and Esther Schaffran and Sara Osdaba of the twelfth grade.These students scored the highest cumulative grades and will be participating in the Grand Chidon Limud Toraso Gameshow to test their extensive Likkutei Sichos knowledge and share what they have gained with the audience.

“This Chidon will be breaking records,” shares Chidon Coordinator Rivka Gittel Newman. “The participants have studied tirelessly and explored the Rebbe’s Torah, and the Chidon will reflect their hard work. Each participant’s achievements are incredible, and we want them to feel proud.”

Rabbi Dovid Weinbaum, shliach to Dix Hills, will serve as the event host. The finalists’ responses will be overseen by our sought out panel of judges Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, Director of SIE and Rabbi Sholom Goldstein, Executive Director of Bais Rivkah.

The Chidon will engage the participants and the audience as questions will be directed between the three teams on stage and the crowd. The momentum will build up with each round as the Chidon moves from Rapid Response, to On the Buzzers, and the final round of Smart Quest, where participants will be fired with questions. Commercial breaks have been prepared to entertain the crowd and the finalists.

Although the knowledge acquired and perspective gained are the ultimate prizes, the Chidon event is chock-full of incentives to acknowledge the efforts of all the participants. All Chidon participants will be wearing a Chidon finalist sweater and will be gifted a sefer of choice from a curated selection of Sichos in English seforim. Chidon participants who have scored a 90 average and above will also receive a set of the acclaimed Lessons in Sefer Mamorim. A set of travel size Likkutei Sichos and a $200 gift card to Tzfasman Jewelers will be given to the gold winner. The winning team will receive a beautiful picture of the Rebbe. 

The game show is just the start of what is to come for the Chidon participants. After Chanukah, there will be a grand event followed by an inspiring farbrengen for all participants to celebrate their hard work and tireless efforts. Studying Likkutei Sichos with such depth is no easy feat.

You can join the excitement and participate by viewing the chidon. A live stream has been set up to allow parents, friends, or any individual who wants to be inspired to tune in. To ensure COVID safety, the Chidon will take place in two shifts on Tuesday, December 8, with 9th and 10th grades’ showtime at 11:15 am followed by 11th and 12th grade at 2:00 pm. 

The Chidon is a highlight for Bais Rivkah and infuses each student with passion for the Rebbe’s Torah. Help us make this Chidon a reality and keep the Chidon motivation alive. Partner with us to give each student the invaluable gift of love and excitement for the Rebbe’s Torah.

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