Litvishe Rosh Yeshiva Couldn’t Contain His Excitement After Testing Chabad Bochurim

Rabbi Sholom Ber Sorotzkin, Rosh Yeshiva of the Ateres Shlomo yeshiva network, couldn’t contain his excitement after testing Bochurim of Tomchei Temimim Vienna, Austria on the entire Maseches Avodah Zarah.

By reporter

A special guest visited Tomchei Temimim Vienna’s Yeshivas Kayitz: the head of the “Ateres Shlomo” network of Torah institutions, Rabbi Sholom Ber Sorotzkin.

The Bochurim of Tomchei Temimim Vienna, Austria, led by Rabbi Chaim Fieldsteel, recently finished a special summer program held at the beautiful facilities of Chabad of Milan, Italy. They spent day and night learning Torah, reaching a comprehensive mastery of the entire Maseches Avodah Zarah.

For a lengthy hour, Rabbi Sorotzkin spoke with the Talmidim in learning. He began with a shiur on the masechta, then moved on to testing the Bochurim orally. Marei Mekomos flew swiftly, going from the sugya of business on gentile holidays to the sugya of Bitul Avodah Zarah, and back again.

At the end of the test, Rabbi Sorotzkin expressed his immense admiration for their knowledge of the mesachta, especially in light of the fact that some of the Bochurim are Ukraine’s war refugees.

Ashreichem Yisrael! Ashreichem Shezachitem! Such special Bochrim,” Rabbi Sorotzkin exclaimed with great excitement. “I can tell you, I’ve had tens of thousands of young men passing by me over the years, but to see Bochrim who are knowledgeable in an entire Masechet at such a young age, and in such circumstances of being ‘Meorchei HaMilchamah’, finishing Masechet Avodah Zarah specifically in Italy – Ashreichem Yisrael. To see the Yiras Shomayim, to see the Torah, on their face – Ashreichem Shezachitem!”

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  1. A Litvak, but the einekel of a gr8 Rebbe..

    The name Sorotzkin comes from “Soro’s kin”

    His gggggrandfather was a student of the Maggid.

    There’s a Maaseh with the Alter Rebbe & RLS.

    The Alter Rebbe once requested
    Of the Maggid to behold a Tzaddik Nistar…The Maggid sent him on journey..where they both met through the Ruach haKodesh of Reb L.S.

    Zechusam Yogein Aleinu

      1. I once told the above story to this very R. Y.
        He admitted that they are Ben acher ben from Reb Leib Sorahs.

  2. Who is Reb L. S.?

    I believe that Reb Sholom Ber Sorotzkin is the grandson of Reb Refoel Boruch Sorotzkin (the son of Reb Zalman Sorotzkin, author of Oznaim L’Torah), the Rosh Yeshiva of Cleveland Telshe.

    How did Reb Sholom Ber get a Lubavitcher name?

  3. From the aforementioned Rabbi Zalmen

    The Rebbe’s the one who identified Reb Leib Soras & the Shpoiyler Zeide as one and the same.

    שיחת ש”פ אחרי, מבה”ח אייר, ה’תש”ל

    1. הרבי לא קבע את זיהויים של שני הצדיקים כאדם אחד באופן מוחלט, אלא אמר ש”עד שלא יגיע מישהו ויאמר שהוא ראה שני קברים ושני מצבות ובשני מקומות שונים. והוא יהיה איש נאמן – הרי עד אז אפשר לומר ששניהם היו אותו אדם, ושלום על ישראל”.

      Today, seperate kvarim have been found.

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